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"Baal.Tanz.Tod" von Jo Fabian

"Fabian’s „Baal“ is the dance-theatre of this season – a brilliant performance." / Marieluise Jeitschko

Premiere: 02.07.1994, Staatstheater Cottbus

Director, Space, Lighting and Costumes: Jo Fabian
Dramaturgy: Dr. Petra Pamer
Assistant Director: Ralph Knebel, Gabriela Schulz
Realisation Stage Set: Joachim Vogler
Assistant Chroeographer: Ralph Boock

Jörg Steinberg - Baal
Kerstin Rünzel - Sophie
Ralf Kittler - Ekart

Gabriele Boock, Francina Borges, Andrea Daniel, Anna Huber, Carmen Koth, Andrea Kranke,
Gaby Schiffner, Tina Tzschacksch; Ralph Boock, Rocco Hauff,
Andreas Kirsche, Mathias Kort, Uwe Wögler, Peter Závesky.

Jo Fabian, the East-Berlin director, choreographer and stage designer, offers us in his fourth approach to art and artists in a reunified Germany the most impressive plea of a German director. „Baal Tanz Tod“ is a bitter, despairing accusation against the death of German theatres and against the society „that is not in a position to assimilate those artists that it does not understand“.

In their horrible sweetness this enrapturing series of images reminds one of Dali’s surreal compositions: full of poetry, humour, atrocity and dissonance like the life of the animalistic Bohemian Baal…
Fabian’s „Baal“ is the dance-theatre of this season – a brilliant performance.

(Marieluise Jeitschko, Ruhr Nachrichten, 25.7.94)

Don’t forget, there are the good and the bad pieces: „Baal Tanz Tod“ belongs to the good ones. As dark, loud, and simple as good rock music.

(Wiebke Hüste, ballett international/tanz aktuell, August/September 1994)

There are very few directors with as much talent as Fabian…
"Baal Tanz Tod" belongs to the best of Fabian’s pieces.

(Tilman Billing, Berliner Zeitung, 12.1.1995)

Eine Produktion von Jo Fabian Department und dem Theater unterm Dach