"Fish on the beach" von Jo Fabian

"Fish on the Beach" is a masterpiece of fantastic complete art."

Fish on the beach (Ozeantrilogie Teil 1)

Premiere: 2.11.91 Staatstheater Cottbus/Kammerbühne
Director: Jo Fabian
Stage:  Jo Fabian, Horst Leiteritz
Costumes: Jo Fabian
Music: Jo Fabian, Dead Can Dance, Philip Glass, Test Dept. among others.
Assistant Director, Music Editor, Musik Collage: Holger Kuhla
Music Production: Jo Fabian, Holger Kuhla
Video Production: Nico Felden, Jo Fabian, Holger Kuhla
Production: Ralph Boock

Performers: Andrea Kranke, Anne Moll, Kerstin Rünzel, Gabi Schiffner, Elvira Schurig,
Ralph Boock, Rocco Hauff, Andreas Kirsche, Ralf Kittler, Matthias Kort

Visual impressions awaken our reflection. It would be a shame if this breathtaking dance theatre only remains available to a small number of audience members in the Eastern corner of our country. Important ballet producers in the West have to see this piece and invite a rare ray of light from the sad Eastern dance jungle to their stages.

(Roland Langer, Frankfurter Rundschau, 9.12.1991)

The point of departure is a fairy tale by the Danish poet Andersen: the fish that has arrived on the beach is in fact a water-nymph. The fairy tale delivers the surreal background to his piece: the atmosphere in which everything is possible.
This piece with its three parts convinces via its powerful images and the gentle attraction that the collage of images creates.

(Jochen Schmidt, Basler Zeitung, 12.12.1991)

In an art world of such perfect beauty, otherwise known only from expensive advertising, men and women move to an alien canon of forms and colors.
Finally, the moral of the rediscovery of language breaks through all the fine styling of the evening: this language is body language. The Cottbus dance theatre demonstrates a creativity that makes it the avant-garde of the house.

(Julia Michelis)

Eine Produktion des Staatstheaters Cottbus