"Die Hawkingvariante" von Jo Fabian

“Die Hawkingvariante” is a highlight in Fabian’s work" / Eliza Nanova


Premiere: 14.04.1995, Hebbel-Theater, Berlin

Director, Stage, Lighting, Costumes: Jo Fabian
Assistant Director: Ralph Knebel
Music and Sound Installation:  Andy Cowton
Stage Set Assistant: Klaus Eichner
Sound: Ralf Krause
Stage: Thomas Meyer

Sonja Elstermann, Heidemarie Fabian, Ulrike Henning,
Anna Huber, Kerstin Rünzel; Ralph Boock, Volker Herold,
Ralf Kittler, Jörg Steinberg, Jan Klemm

One thing is certain: the insanity of wanting to understand and prove everything is being ridiculed…
The programme is fantastic. Something is written there about „whistling cats in old plum trees“. Of course that doesn’t take place.
The audience gave a euphoric applause to the entertainingly chaotic action on stage.

 (B.Z., Berlin, 18.4.95)


Fabian goes all out. After so much production of destruction, the institution of theatre cannot remain untouched.
The audience is bid farewell, the stage is vacuumed: at the end of “sense”, the usual “sense” of theatre is also at an end.
“Die Hawkingvariante” is a highlight in Fabian’s work, a piece in which his concept of theatre has become solid.

(Eliza Nanova, Neues Deutschland, Berlin, 31.5.95)


No, it’s not boring, the stuff that Fabian lets run like a super-exact, self-satisfied watch to Andy Cowton’s dynamically overflowing minimal sounds. Jo Fabian’s theatrical irony on the question of meaning in and of itself in any case cannot be overseen or overheard.

(Irene Sieben, Berliner Morgenpost, 16./17.4.1995)


Eine Produktion von Jo Fabian Department und dem Hebbel-Theater Berlin