"Hegels verpatzte Ferien" von Jo Fabian

"When Jo Fabian is on the cover, then there is a lot of Fabian inside."

Premiere: 30.01.1994
Theater unterm Dach, Berlin
Director: Jo Fabian
Assistant Director: Ralph Knebel
Space and Lighting: Jo Fabian
Costumes: Heidemarie Fabian
Texts: Jo Fabian
Music: Michael Nyman, Ralf Krause, The Balanescu Quartett

Performers: Heidemarie Fabian, Volker Herold

This man on the border between dance and theater is now one of the most productive directors in Berlin.

Fabian’s theatre tends towards cool perfection, towards superficial allures, but this time he has once again included a few irritations.

The discrepancy between banal contents and intelligent form creates humourous and ironic effects. Compared to the majority of independent productions: thumbs up!

(Sandra Luzina, Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, 16.1.1994)

Jo Fabian’s aesthetics, aphoristically formulated and full of associations, has a humour that the famous American could only dream of. And, as usual, Jo Fabian directs his piece in his own space, and he finds a form that is so beautiful and sensual that the pleasure is complete – especially because he ironically undermines his own perfection and thus practices an non-earnest approach that is very unusual on German stages.

(Hartmut Regitz, Stuttgarter Nachrichten, 23.11.1994)

Eine Produktion von Jo Fabian Department und dem Theater unterm Dach