"Keine Gnade" von Jo Fabian

"Gnadenlos" Eingeladen zum Theratertreffen 1994

Keine Gnade (Vaterlandskomplex Teil 2)

Premiere: 13.10.1993, Theater unterm Dach Berlin
Director: Jo Fabian
Assistant Director: Ralph Knebel
Stage and Lighting: Jo Fabian
Stage Realization: Volker Herold
Original Music: Ralf Krause, Jo Fabian
Additional Music: Michael Nyman, Swans,
Curt Cress, The Balanescu Quartett

Sonja Elstermann, Heidemarie Fabian, Ulrike Henning,
Paula E. Paul, Kerstin Rünzel, Jörg Steinberg

(from the program:)

"Keine Gnade" is the second part of the "Vaterlandskomplex".

The piece is a reference to the true story of the first opportunistic resistance ballet. Here you will experience the storm-dance-unit
3000 in the 73rd training period (code name: Marianne) under the direction of storm-dance-führer Schmidt. In the process you will
determine the entertainment value of Fascism to be 3.8%.

Fabian opens up a boot camp for right-wing ideology and makes fun of it. The dancers, all with braids, are subject to a variety of associative transformations: the exploited, deported and willing servants of the slave master. The man determines the fate of the women, models them, destroys them. The evening has a cold hardness, black humour. It often seems macabre – but it also has an element of seduction.

(Christoph Funke, Theater heute, 5/1994)

The location of the chaotic theatre: Germany. Broken house facades, besmeared gravestones. Every day and every night. Five figures play Fascism. They rehearse a dance-theatre piece about Nazis. „Keine Gnade“ is a cynical spectacle with chaotic moments…
A number of impressions from Fabian’s work are removed from any clear interpretation. The audience is irritated. Questions remain.

(Tilman Billing, Berliner Zeitung, 21.10.93)

„Keine Gnade“ is not set up to be a merciless political piece.

It is a piece about how present-day reality, optically and artistically exaggerated by the individual, could be presented using words, gestures and dance. It is the artistically successful encirclement of a black point, whose mutation to a whirlpool can not be ignored.

(Andreas Gerlof, Scheinschlag, 14.-27.10.1993)

Eine Produktion von Jo Fabian Department und dem Theater unterm Dach