"New World Order" von Jo Fabian

"The result is pure magic. Magic and poetry." / Christoph Müller

Jörg Steinberg - Baal
Kerstin Rünzel - Sophie
Ralf Kittler - Ekart

Gabriele Boock, Francina Borges, Andrea Daniel, Anna Huber, Carmen Koth, Andrea Kranke,
Gaby Schiffner, Tina Tzschacksch; Ralph Boock, Rocco Hauff,
Andreas Kirsche, Mathias Kort,

Premiere: 15.10.1994, Landestheater Tübingen

Director, Stage, Lighting: Jo Fabian
Costumes: Jo Fabian
Music and Sound Installation: Andy Cowton
Dramaturgy: Manfred Weber
Assistant Director: Ralph Knebel

Martina Esser, Heidemarie Fabian, Elisabeth Grünwald;
Volker Herold, Herbert Schöberl, Jörg Steinberg; Benjamin Weber

Bogenschützen: Volker Lörcher,  Markus Vohl

Uwe Wögler, Peter Závesky.

Time stands still in the time-space of Jo Fabian’s „New World Order“, the piece by the visionary theatre director from East Berlin. He stretches seven seconds into an hour and connects this to a hammering musical collage. Hardly anything happens… but horrible things do. The world, the time, the space is turned upside down in this piece.

(Erlanger Nachrichten, 8./9.5.1997)

The characters seem to be taken over by the immobility of a photograph: unchanged for and entire hour. But this is the next false conclusion. Almost invisibly they change their position, flow in an endlessly drawn-out slowness into other body positions. Each frozen movement is placed in contrast to a number of other things: to Andy Cowton’s infernal music collage from Minimal to machine noises; to the pistol shots from motionless hands as the last possible form of communication. And to Fabian’s penetrating and absurd questions that come from off-stage. No one is able to answer, just as in this world of stillstand and emptiness, coldness and situations everything has ceased to function. Fabian bombs acoustic action with visually tormenting inaction and thus designs such a fascinatingly strange work of theatrical painting, a minimally moving bizarre image of illusion. Everything that is truly alive is slyly eliminated. A spear with a red flag kills a flounder, an arrow bores through an apple. None of Fabian’s earlier works was such a prophesy or as consequential, or discovers our world with a similar accuracy and with so many bull’s-eyes.

 (Volkmar Draeger, Berliner Morgenpost, 17.12.1995)

Eine Produktion von Jo Fabian Department und dem Landesheater Thübingen