"Parsifal" von Jo Fabian

"Parsifal" is a great evening of theatre."

Director: Jo Fabian
Stage and costumes: Fridolin M. Kraska, Jo Fabian
Dramaturgy: Hartmut Runge
Assistant Director: Ralph Knebel, Boris Malré, Michael Bewersdorff
Video Production: Jörg Felden, Jo Fabian
Music: Richard Wagner, Philip Glass, Test Dept., This Mortal Coil, Swans, u.a.


Heidemarie Fabian, Anette Felber, Petra Felgenträger,
Heidrun Kaletsch, Christel Ortmann, Maria Pfeffer, Ellen-Jutta Poller,
Regula Steiner, Silke Wallstein, Rainer Böhm, Thomas Chemnitz,
Horst G. Fischer, Stefan Johannes Gille, Erich Große, Volker Herold, Jürgen Just,
Holger Kretschmer, Hans-Dieter Krone, Adolf Loose, Boris Malré, Andreas Preuß,
Wolfgang Schilling, Jörg Steinberg, Karl Thiele, Ewald Zischka

In the end, Fabian’s piece is also a theatre metaphor. The stage, often enough misunderstood to be a „Gralsburg“, becomes subject of the piece when the performers – sometimes only for a short period – leave their roles and make their search for a valid form obvious. At the very end, when even the author dies and leaves his character after the mother has already passed away, the irony becomes obvious and the text, apparently taken from the warehouse of German history, is countered. A great evening of theatre that caused very controversial emotions in the audience, but certainly left no one apathetic.

(Andreas Hillger, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 11.3.1992)


The multi-media and visually constructed stage sets of the controversial concept artist, this (East)-German Robert Wilson, are completely unconventional. While Robert Wilson often celebrates the aesthetics of boredom, Jo Fabian discovers the aesthetics in chaos and retains a powerful humor. Time actually becomes space here: a theatrical rush of color, form, sound, movement, light, words, corporeality and transformation. Those who let themselves in on Jo Fabians unique adventure and the unbounded fantasy of these tangential scenic ideas must know what he or she is doing and must not always assume that there is a deeper meaning to it all. A number of Dessau audience members left the premiere after only a few minutes. No matter: this world premiere was a demonstration of fascinating, exciting “total-theater”.

(Matthias Frede, Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, 9.3.1992)

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