"Simple Swan" von Jo Fabian

"Simple Swan" is a masterpiece of fantastic complete art."

Fish on the beach (Ozeantrilogie Teil 2)

Premiere: 14.11.1992, Staatstheater Cottbus/Kammerbühne

Director: Jo Fabian
Stage: Jo Fabian, Horst Leiteritz
Costumes: Jo Fabian
Assistant director, dramaturgy: Ralph Knebel
Video production: Nico Felden, Ralf Kittler
Music: Tom Waits, Flash & The Pan, Jo Fabian, Swans, Hannes Kröger
Production: Ralph Boock


Gabriele Boock, Francina Borges, Catherine Dulin, Anna Huber,
Andrea Kranke, Anne Moll, Gabi Schiffner, Elvira Schurig, Ira Zillich,
Jo Fabian, Rocco Hauff, Andreas Kirsche, Ralf Kittler,
Mathias Korth, Jean Maeser, Uwe Wögler

The flood of images that rolls over the audience is hardly to be grasped and harder to interpret.

As though developed from an improvisation of gestures and thoughts, a fairy-tale view of daily life emanates from the turbulent scenic mosaic “Simple Swan”. It is an emotionally grim and grotesque reflection of today’s fears.

 (Dietmar Fritzsche, Neue Zeit, Berlin 20.11.1992)

This otherwise classically equipped swan with boots, who is not allowed to dance what he wants to and cannot dance what he is supposed to, remains the major metaphor.
He is constantly ordered around, handicapped and finally manipulated. To be like he is, is not allowed.
An analogy for how lives can be twisted, how internal and external forces destroy natural behaviour…

 (Gitta Mode, Lausitzer Rundschau, 18.11.1992

Eine Produktion des Staatstheaters Cottbus