"They walk and they talk" von Jo Fabian

"The future has already begun in his pieces." /Christine Hohmeyer

Premiere: 14.04.1994, Theater unterm Dach, Berlin

Director: Jo Fabian
Assistant Director: Ralph Knebel
Space and Lighting: Jo Fabian
Music: Andy Cowton, Ralf Krause
Costumes: Jo Fabian
Texts: Jo Fabian

Sonja Elstermann, Heidemarie Fabian, Ulrike Henning,
Paula E. Paul, Kerstin Rünzel, Volker Herold, Jörg Steinberg

"They walk & they talk" is a charming swindle, whose aesthetics appear to be influenced more from advertising than from dance:

Two men and three women walk across the stage like models on a ramp. The stage is cobalt blue and cold, like an empty aquarium, and at the beginning there is about as much going on. The men take a walk with fish on handles. Nobody speaks, a voice from the off always repeats the same thing. The movements, perfect in the smallest detail, are mercilessly timed: just at the right moment unexpected things happen and the group begins to play a game of confusion between a simulated rehearsal and a true performance.
At the moment Fabian is one of the most exciting figures in this metier. The future has already begun in his pieces.

Christine Hohmeyer, Frankfurter Rundschau, 4.3.1995


After the rushed reunification he belonged to the few East German directors who hadn’t lost their voice. Fabian targeted East German sensitivities, told of crises of meaning and the loss of orientation that can often only be held out in a state of inebriated genius.
Meanwhile, Fabian is enough of a craftsman to allow difficult balances to fall at the right moment. He forms his text fragments into a collage that builds a lamento about the present-day status quo. Day-to-day life, it appears, is a labyrinth without an exit. When one stands outside after the short series of suggestive images, in the grey reality that is Berlin, one rubs one’s eyes in surprise…

Norbert Servos, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 25./26.02.1995


The audience is made happy by the masterful structure of the piece. The dominance over the form leaves one with a feeling of perfection at every moment of the 70-minute piece.

Bernd Feuchtner, Der Tagesspiegel, Berlin, 25.02.1995


Eine Produktion von Jo Fabian Department und dem Theater unterm Dach